Professional Indemnity Insurance can be both diverse and complex with policies available for a broad range of professional undertakings. This means underwriters need to understand your risk fully to ensure coverage is, not only compliant but also tailored exclusively to meet the bespoke needs of your business and insurance requirements.

Many professionals are involved in contracts engaging a number of other co or sub contractors or other parties by virtue of ‘duty of care’. Notwithstanding a minority proportion, if at all of liability can be attributed to a professional, pursuing parties may take the full value of claim against them. the defence costs alone in dealing with such claims can exceed the loss paid.

We at Wimsure pride ourselves on the understanding of our clients business and it is this understanding which forms the cornerstone of our underwriting philosophy.
Whilst there are a wide range of professions underwriters deal with, we understand that not all businesses conform to a preordained model and that, in order to provide a comprehensive solution for the more esoteric risk we need to understand the inner workings of each business we come into contact with.

We believe in taking a view on each risk as it presents itself and are able to adjust our underwriting tact to suit the needs of any business, no matter their size or professional offering.

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